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I just got going on Two Worlds 2 from what I am seeing so far they made leaps and bounds from the original. The game play has fairly smooth control, the ability to sprint is a big plus. The Graphics are a above the average 10 times better than the first. The reviews on the first one were horrible but in the long run if you don't concentrate fully on the graphics and explore the first Two Worlds is actually a good game. Two Worlds 2 is right up there with some of the best. I can't really see the 7.75 Gameinformer rate when it deserves more especially when Risen got a 8.25 which I also own and have played, in my opinion Two Worlds 2 is a way better game , I rank Risen in the ranks of the original Two Worlds but that's my opinion. Anyways I think Two Worlds 2 is something that should be checked out for all the RPG fans out there. Thanks!!!

  • Hey, um, I just clicked on this because of the picture of the dinosaur...There are dinosaurs in this game? From the screen shots it looks like fun game, and I really like the graphics style. Reminds me of Morrowind.
  • How's the combat?
  • do you have this for pc xbox or ps3? i bought mine for ps3 and it only supports 720p. and also, am i the only one that gets a headache with the motion blur and the shiiitty blurry draw distance?
  • The fact that you think the first Two Worlds game was good makes me completely discredit any score or opinion you had to say about Two Worlds 2
  • this review gets a 2 out of 10 for not giving any valid reasons for giving this game a 9. reviewers need to be hard on games, and brutally honest. especially if studios want me to pay 60 bones. cuz gamestop doesn't give me a satisfaction guarantee last i checked