Consider this my guide to Twisted Metal for the PS3. For those who don't know what I mean by the title, with the exception of Ace Ventura, Jim Carrey hasn't really been one for doing sequels and in my opinion neither is Dave. I'm sorry, but the pyramid with the pool in it doesn't cut it and if you don't know what I mean by Dave well I wont go there, but suffice to say I wont be buying this game, if I buy this game, anytime soon for nostalgia or more accurately lack of nostalgia purposes. Perhaps him going through companies also speaks to what I'm saying. However it is possible that Scott or Sony is pulling the strings, but to this extent I doubt it.

Guide Foreward:

 This guide will show you how I play Twisted Metal: PS3 from the outside looking in (YouTube videos and other people's comments). As a spectator I'm unable to give it a score so I wont, but I would argue that nostalgia is crucial for any commercial franchise. Ignoring nostalgia in marketing is like trying to pass 7-UP off as Coke. If I want Coke I'm going to go to for what I know is Coke so that is what in effect happened to me with ESP's marketing campaign. You come off as saying "Twisted Metal has to change in order to make money"? I save prove it!!!  And Twisted Metal: Head On doesn't count.

How To Deal With The Lack of Twisted Metal 1 and 2 Nostalgia:
In a twist of irony, pun intended, it is my hope that the Twisted Metal Black fans finally understand what its like to not get a true sequel to their game. (It is my understanding that Twisted Metal PS3 isn't a sequel to Twisted Metal Black.) I also realize some people say the nostalgia argument is irrelevant and it's gameplay that matters I agree, but developers, Sony included, should at least have the decency if they want to make something different to quit marketing it under the Twisted Metal name or acknowledge it as a subfranchise like CSI NY.
The first thing to deal with lack of nostalgia when playing or not playing the game is to acknowledge the problem. A very important strategy for those who play in my view. So let's talk about why I don't think they'll market the game the way I was talking about. It's all about money. No matter how different Twisted Metal becomes, even from A to Z, it will probably still be marketed under the Twisted Metal name for monetary purposes. The direction of the Twisted Metal series has gone the way of the Hayflick Limit. You keep trying to copy the same piece of paper over and over it eventually becomes distorted beyond recognition. Actually the Hayflick Limit here is being generous, because I don't think there is even intent here to retain it's identity, but I would imagine source code has been lost through games.
It's one to thing to keep forcing SUV Outlaws and barechested masked Sweet Tooth's on people who don't want them, what clown wears a mask instead of facepaint btw?, but I'm going to talk about what really has me fired up in the next sentence that is naildriver into me not wanting to buy the game. It's the name the game is marketed under! That's right Twisted Metal!
Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't there a 1995 game with the exact same name? It's like a statement from the game developers that Twisted Metal has become so irrelevant that there isn't even a conflict of interest of calling a different Twisted Metal game in the "Twisted Metal franchise" the same name. That's how it comes off to me. I mean come on call it Twisted Metal something. I suppose even that 7 game tradition is the latest one of many to be broken. If they come out with "Twisted Metal 2" that will be the end of it. Yeah I'm playing the poser TM1 card out of concern over the direction of the franchise, but so far I've talked about things in a general way. Let's talk about the nuts and bolts now to the best someone outside looking in can.
From what I've heard from people the general theme is that single player mode is bad and that it's multiplayer that really has it going on. That kind of makes sense to me. To ESP's defense it's apparent their aim was to focus on multiplayer so it's kind of hard to make something that is geared for multiplayer into single player. However as a game designer I would emphasize the equilateral triangle approach, which would be expanding sides at the same time equalaterally. While speculation it could also be possible that the people who don't like single player are being too picky with the exception of nostalgia and the lack of driver stories. I would be disappointed by the lack of drivers compared to other Twisted Metals. While I know where I'm coming from I don't know where the single player haters are. Perhaps horrible CPU?
As far as the GTA concept of switching cars in garages I don't like it. In the Twisted Metal tradition IMO each driver should have their own car and storyline. Even 989 got that!! I'd also think sticking your head out of your car to fire off shotgun rounds would leave you pretty exposed!! Seeing drivers do that reeks of dumbness. If I'm in Calypso's competition I'm going to stay behind my bulletproof windows thanks. Mr Grimm should also stay a car in the franchise, but it seems like he's evolved into a driver name instead of a car name, I assume because TM2 car select had it both ways, but if you look at it from TM1 Mr. Grimm is really a car name and not a driver name. My take on it was that people just called Mr. Grimm by his car name, because no one knew who he really was. So remember Mr. Grimm is a car name!
So I guess I've moved into my concerns over realness. On that level what I also don't get is why it takes a faction leader to activate a nuke truck. Do the nuke trucks have DNA scanners that scan the faction leaders for a DNA match or is it just Calypso's magic?

Using Talon to Win/Realness Concerns:

Talon has an obvious edge over other cars. Heights! Seems like if someone were Talon they could just go for the highest altitude possible and have at it. Use it!! That's what I'd do over and over again to win single player or multiplayer if I had the game. Additionally someone has said cars take too long to kill. I also think the driver outside the car after you destroy a car that carried over from TMB is cheesy. My final realness concern is that I've seen YouTube videos of cars going through houses and buildings like cardboard. Come on!! So what we can learn from this is if you're a ground car don't rely on buildings as shields. The last thing on how deal with the lack of nostalgia so it can't affect potential gameplay is accepting reality.

Accepting Reality:
To to sum things up my take is that TMPS3 is probably better than Twisted Metal Black in a lot of ways like innovative multiplayer, but that doesn't change the fact in my opinion that Twisted Metal has evolved into a scifi version of StarFox and Calypso's voice reeks. Seeing that it looks like ESP went the mutliplayer route I think ESP should do more mulitiplayer maintenance than they appear to be doing and rain DLC, but at least they've added trophies. Also what about multiplayer shelf life? I don't want to buy something that could be taken offline like TMBO. If someone wants to buy me a PS3 and Twisted Metal PS3 I'll give it a whirl, but if not I'm content playing correctly labeled classics.

Special Thanks:

Special Thanks to Sony, Dave Jaffe, Scott Campbell, and ESP for this guide. Without them this guide wouldn't be possible.
Disclaimer: This guide on how to play Twisted Metal for the PS3 is 100% my opinion and I am not claiming anything in this guide to be true or statement of fact.

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