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Twisted Metal Blog Guidelines
  • Fast & Furious

    Twisted Metal is Fast. Real fast. If you just jump in the multiplayer right away you will get obliterated. I suggest play a few offline modes to get the controls down then once mastered go ahead and take the fight to others. This game was built around... More
  • Got what I expected and a bit more

    I have been with the franchise since my cousin had the first few on the Playstation. I've kept up with the games except for small brawl, if anyone remembers that. It was a real fun experience for me and I understand everyone is pissed that online... More
  • Clowning around with Car Combat

    When I was five years old my uncle visited my house and brought some video games with him. One such game was the PS1 release of “Twisted Metal 2.” The fiery explosions of 32 bit car combat danced across the screen in a foreign yet inviting... More
  • Has Gameinformer Done Us Wrong? Mehhhh Kinda

    Okay, to get this out of the way quick and painless, I am a fan of Twisted Metal. I grew up with the series(and no im not a serial killer......or am I!) as a child and still defend it to this day. Recently the GI reviewers said it was a decent game, but... More
  • Old-school car combat at it's finest.

    I have been a fan of the Twisted Metal series since the beginning. My favorite prior to this was Twisted Metal Black. When this Twisted Metal was announced I made sure I pre-ordered it. Finally the game is out and it is amazing. Over all the gameplay... More
  • Meets and slightly exceeds expectations

    Solid game, tight gunplay and driving mechanic. Some flaws and frustrations in one player, but no too bad. I have not yet played mulitplayer, so this review may not be acceptable to some, but the servers were down. I've been a TM fan since day one... More
  • Love the Challenge

    I enjoyed playing this game. I love the levels, the carnage, and the difficulty of the game and this is just the single player part. When playing multiplayer, it is fun and sets the standard for similar games in the genre. More
  • Classic Gameplay = Nostalgic Fun

    I'd say this Twisted Metal, more than any other, benefits from being a long-standing title. It's not a groundbreaking game. In fact, when it comes to actual gameplay the game has changed little. But it's fun, and the nostalgia that comes from... More
  • i have no interest

    i have no interest in the series whatsoever More

    Great game! Got it day one and haven't been able to put it down. Multiplayer is a blast, single player is better than expected, but has some minor flaws. All in all a much better game than I thought it would be. I highly recommend it to any former... More
  • Twisted Metal

    This games sucks,,, I will buy this when it's $20.00,,, takes to long to blow a car up. I used to the play this on Sony 1 era, but that was then, this is now and this game, even though it feels updated is stuck in the 90's with the feel of the... More
  • Twisted Metal Review: Car Combat's Explosive Return

    Vehicular combat has been AWOL for a while, but there’s no denying how much fun this game can be when it’s firing on all cylinders.

    ... More
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