Twisted Metal is Fast. Real fast. If you just jump in the multiplayer right away you will get obliterated. I suggest play a few offline modes to get the controls down then once mastered go ahead and take the fight to others.

This game was built around multiplayer both online and offline, creative director, David Jaffe, even said its the "bread and butter" of the game. He was right, the games main attraction and lasting appeal is in the multiplayer. There is a single player story mode but if you have played previous Twisted Metal games you will be slightly disappointed. Gone are the 12-14 crazy psycho drivers you choose from with each having a unique background story, instead you choose from 3 contestants (Sweet Tooth, Mr. Grimm, & Doll face) each with their own insane story (seriously, these 3 are nuts). No longer are their stories told through comic like cutscenes but instead told through live-action scenes using real actors with pretty cool special effects. Now I did enjoy the single player for what I was offered, but I wanted more from it. I wanted my 12-14 characters to choose from, that's just what I always liked about the Twisted Metal series. There was also awkward racing levels in the campaign, they felt....odd, pretty much unbalanced because you just pick the fastest car and haul ass, It just didn't fit in the Twisted Metal world.


Now the multiplayer is insane, in a good way! I have not played a game with a constant smile on my face since Ocarina of Time. I had an absolute blast in the multiplayer, like I said earlier the game is extremely fast which is probably why I had so much fun. Everything seems well balanced between the vehicles so if your cars special does mega damage then your armor probably isn't great or visa versa. There's 5 modes (death match,team death match, hunted, team hunted, & nuke)  the latter is pretty capture the flag, Twisted Metal version. I found myself playing death match and team death match, it's the most basic but extremely fun just drive fast blasting missiles and firing machine guns.


my review is based off the multiplayer, now if the game was shipped with no single player I'd have given it a 10 but it didn't so 9.50 it is


+insane action

+ balanced multiplayer

+game looks good with all the chaos going on


-single player is a let down

-some network issues