I have been with the franchise since my cousin had the first few on the Playstation. I've kept up with the games except for small brawl, if anyone remembers that. It was a real fun experience for me and I understand everyone is pissed that online is in updates right now, but for the most part I love it. its a big thing though if you're new to the franchise then you might or might not enjoy the game, it's a gamble. If you're a fan from the start or anytime before this then you'll feel right at home. When story came around I was at first disappointed that I could only play as 3 others, Sweet Tooth, Doll Face, and Mr. Grimm, but once I saw that they were well built I was more than happy to see a satisfying story than just a cartoon slide show. I will not being going for hard mode or twisted mode for Wart hog to be unlocked. I'm happy with what I have. Also, when you get to the end of the game and get the hidden trophy by doing the things I wont tell, it begs for a sequel. I can't say much for online for now seeing that I haven't had the full experience these updates promise.