I have been a fan of the Twisted Metal series since the beginning. My favorite prior to this was Twisted Metal Black. When this Twisted Metal was announced I made sure I pre-ordered it. Finally the game is out and it is amazing. Over all the gameplay has not changes, it still has the fast-paced, tight driving and all the old weapons from the series. The maps how ever are even bigger than the past games in the series, which makes the gameplay even more fun. Some aspects of the game are changed and for the better. Now instead of just having a machine gun as the secondary weapon now you can upgrade to a shotgun or rocket launcher. The single-player is really challenging with many variations to the fights. Like the third match has you fighting with the other players, but there is a electric cage that  moves around the map every minute. The player has to stay in the cage because if they go out there is a timer that starts that tells you your grace period. If it hit zero you will begin to lose health if you are outside the cage. My only issue with the single player is that there is only three characters to choose from and unlock the stories, it is not a big issue though. The multiplayer is really where the game shines. There is the game modes like Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Last Man Standing, and now Nuke, where one team protects the objectives and the other tries to destroy it. Twisted Metal is a classic game that many hardcore gamers who grew up with the series will enjoy. Many of the newer generation kids who grew up with the FPS overload will MOST LIKELY not like the game.