Okay, to get this out of the way quick and painless, I am a fan of Twisted Metal. I grew up with the series(and no im not a serial killer......or am I!) as a child and still defend it to this day. Recently the GI reviewers said it was a decent game, but I believe its more than decent.

First the Problems: Reversing is difficult(and I laughed when Reiner and Phil couldn't figure it out) and the races are sometimes impossible without strategy. AI is unpredictible, either being completely stupid or fighting like a racoon in a corner.

Other: The game is just so INSANE and fun that these problems are quickly forgotten as you fight for domination over your opponents. True the story was hacked off a bit, but this allowed emphasis on the series main characters. Combat is Fast and Fluid and more importently...FUN.

Overall: Few Problems, easy to overlook them, FUN and INSANE. Very enjoyable, good investment, kinda reviewed harshly.


P.S.: This review was not done on a nostalgia trip, leave comments if you like!