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Twisted Metal

Mr. Grimm Stars In The Latest Trailer

The latest Twisted Metal trailer looks at the backstory of Mr. Grimm sung to the rocking tunes of Rob Zombie's Dragula, a song that released in 1998.

There isn't much narrative to be drawn from the trailer, but you do get a decent helping of gameplay footage.

Twisted Metal is set for release on February 14.

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  • Classic. I was hoping that they used some Rob Zombie in this game. Not a huge fan, he's alright, but it's classic Twisted Metal. Song fits perfectly and reminds me of my childhood.
  • Nice Character
  • You're a mean one...Mr. Grimm....
  • Music by Rob Zombie, it always appeals to me. If more songs from Rob Zombie and similar bands end up being in this game you can put me down as one of the many who plan on getting Twisted Metal.
  • I now have 100% faith in this game. Why? Because they are still using Rob Zombie. It isn't a Twisted Metal game without some Rob Zombie.
  • About time you guys got this up. ive had it in my favorites on youtube for a couple of days 3 actually lol.

  • ..... meh

  • I now want this game. Looks like Motorstorm Apocalypse, but with weapons! (I love Motorstorm Apocalypse BTW.)
  • I think it looks great. And Dragula may be an old release, but it fits the game perfectly, and it's a throwback to the heyday of Twisted Metal.

  • Hell yeah! Wow, nostalgia... February is shaping up to be a fine month.

    Twisted Metal... *sigh*

  • looks sweet. my only gripe: Mr. Grimm is supposed to be the Grim Reaper...
  • I reallyyy hope they don't mess up this game...

  • What? Well my favorite character blows now. I was already unhappy with the way Twisted Metal was abandoning its driver/car pairings in favor of being able to drive any vehicle just so long as TM kept the characters somewhat unchanged. Sweet Tooth is the same and at least Dollface looks similar but Mr. Grimm is a rastafarian with dreads and a painted face. Lame. Probably wont get it.

  • Not sure about the looks of Mr. Grimm but this is a remake, definitely looking forward to some more car combat though.

  • They better not *** this up

  • They picked a good song for the trailer, although I think it was in a previous Twisted Metal or two. That was a sick trailer, though. I can't wait to crush people using the ferris wheel.
  • :o

  • soooooo reADY!

  • squeee

  • Hell to the *** ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!So cant wait for this game.

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