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Latest Tropico 4 Screens Show Off UI Changes

Kalypso has released new screens of the fourth installment of the city-building sim, finally showing off the console version’s new interface.

Like previous iterations, Tropico 4 gives players their own island paradise to manage, as either a cruel dictator or beloved leader of the people. In addition to 20 new missions played out over 10 maps, players will now be able to elect ministers to help push their decisions through legislation. Tropico 4 will also feature Facebook and Twitter integration (PC version only), which will include the ability to post pictures of their city.

Tropico 4 will be available on PC and Xbox 360 on August 30. Check out screens of the Xbox 360 version below. To find out our thoughts on the series as a whole, read our review of Tropico 3.

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  • When was this even announced? do you still play as Castro
  • Sloppy seconds. Darn it

  • probably getting this when it comes out, 3 was really fun however i will be sure to get it on pc this time instead of 360
  • Last game was pretty fun but the radio announcer dude definetly needs a lot more things to say. Im definetly on board with this either way

  • You know, this is a good example of a game I would actually love to watch someone play rather than play it myself.

  • Why is it not coming to PS3?
  • Enjoyed the hell out of the third one. Definitely be getting this one.

  • Definitely looking forward to playing this when it comes out on PC.

  • Tropico 3 is one of my guilty pleasures. I don't even know why I like it but there is something there.

    Day one PC buy for me.

  • I can't wait for Tropico 4(I'm playing Tropico 3 right now)

  • No ps3 again?

  • Doesn't look to different from Tropico 3, but I'll definately be getting this.

  • This looks pretty good!

  • Cooooooooooooooooool

  • I wasn't aware this was being developed it doesn't look too much different than 3 (feels like an expansion), but I love Tropico so I may pick this up.

  • You know they're doing the ad campaign wrong when the first time I hear of their game it's not a trailer but a heads-up on changes to the UI. By the way, I'll probably buy it.

  • I was kinda hoping they would might make four another pirate sim, but this should be good, kinda looks a lot like three though

  • Sucks it's not making it to PS3. I know I would want to play it.

  • I loved the first (third) one. amazing game.

  • I wish they would go back to tropico 1