I told my father about the horrid review this game got, but he forgot and he got me the game for Christmas. At first I watched as he tried to play the game and work the camera himself but after multiple deaths and annoying DOS screen that appears after every failure, i asked him to pass the controller. I thought "I'm ok at video games. I'll do better." Not really. I didn't die as much but be warned that the camera is like trying to control Cujo. In Tron: Evolution the camera is public enemy number 1. It doesn't follow your faceless player as he moves and instead leaves this task up to you. Move it an inch and it hardly moves, hold it down and your doing donuts around your player. The sensitivity is ridiculous. After the stupid camera, is the badly places controls. The layout is different from that of other games and that's fine but all the actions are on the right half of the controller. After about 5 minutes of my dad playing and 10 minutes of me player, we gave up. This game is useless and a shame to the amazing movies my dad was raving about. It has potential but was quickly destroyed by the camera. Running on walls, jumping, fighting, even simple moving is a problem. If you like the movies stay away because this will kill the memories for you.