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Excellent in Every Way

I give the game a 10 just like the upcoming movie.  Why, because my 9 year old little boy loves this game and among all the games he has played on the 360 he loves this one the most and came to me in my sleep, crying that he loves the game and wishes it were real.  My boy is intelligent, loving and honest and many other wonderful things. So GI take your 4.5, put it where the sun don't shine, and stop downplaying games you aren't as good at, as a 9 year old.  The graphics are unbelievable, the game play cool as hell, the sounds and music, is immersive, and Yes my family members including me are Tronnies.

  • just because u guys are fanboys, doesnt mean u should give it a good score. the editors of this magazine know good games, theyve seen these comments millions of times. im not trying to make u guys look bad, but u shouldnt make these kind of comments unless you have seen other peoples opinion.

  • Wait, so your boy is intelligent, loving and honest, and that means that I should buy the game that was appreciated by some nine year-old? Your son may be a great person, but that doesn't change the fact he's nine. His tastes are undeveloped and easily satisfied, and whenever you review a game and take  to attacking the people who disagree with you, you hurt your position more than you hurt the victims of your attacks. Fanboys should not write reviews.

  • "The graphics are unbelievable, the gameplay cool as hell, the sounds and music is immersive..."

    Games with "unbelievable" graphics: Uncharted Series, Assassin's Creed 2, Mass Effect series, Bioshock series, any God of War game, Red Dead Redemption.

    Games with "cool as hell gameplay": God of War series, Devil May Cry series, Mortal Kombat series, Modern Warfare 2.

    Games with "immersive sounds and music": Halo: Reach, Fallout: New Vegas, God of War series, Bioshock, Mass Effect, Street Fighter 4.

    Sir, I am going to assume that you haven't played many modern AAA video games, because comparing Tron: Evolution to the above is like comparing the Spongebob Movie to "The Dark Knight". In other words, play some of the games that have DEFINED this generation before thinking this game has such overrated qualities.

  • Wow... a 9 year says a game is good? I guess I should completely disregard the opinions of people who have played games much longer than this kid has been alive- because a kid is entertained by it.

    No offense, but kid's like alot of crappy gsmes.. and we all know it.

  • Im curious, did you enjoy Rouge Warrior?

  • Just because you're trannies doesn't mean you should like Tron:Evolution any more...

  • Just because you're trannies doesn't mean you should like Tron:Evolution any more...

  • First of all, I can't imagine anyone besides a 9 year old enjoying this game, and second of all, if you're a tronnie, then of course you're going to give it a freaking 10! I gave up on this game the day I got it. Incidentally, I lost the game that day, but I didn't really mind.