actually, I am sick and tired of all COD FPS games nowadays. I have waited for some new games. Tron evolution actually is like assassin's creed. I like this game. It doesn't matter whether it got lower score. the matter is that I like this game. here is somebody said that it's all movie game. actually, that's not correct. it's not followed movie story. the video game is between early tron 2.0 movie and tron legacy. it is like prequel to Legacy. so you can understand how tron legacy story goes. 

single player is OK. not super, but not bad. OK. all controlling is like assassin's creed. I think that it is less complicated than AC. graphic is vey cool as I expected. the whole single play is kind of little short. to me, it was only taken 5 hours. but what more important thing is multiplayer. honestly, I never enjoyed any MP excepting AC brotherhood. I have spent more time for MP than SP. plus, I got extra DLC right inside retail box. two free bonus maps, free Sam Flynn character for MP. the whole playthrough is very smooth. I get more than 60fps with max setting. MP server is good. only thing I don't like that most people just hang out in one particular map which is called 'team disintegration'. slash and beat with your boomerang. bike, tank is very cool. but it is kind of slow. especially, light cycle is not smooth to control. I expected that it would be just like racing game you drive a car. but it's not. control is very sensitive. if I move it little bit, it moves too much. that turns me down. overall, love this game, I am glad that company brought me back classic sci-fi movie, and game once again. old generation like me loves tron. you know.