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Trine 2

Tour Trine 2's Colorful Sights In New Trailer

Experience the lush jungles and snowy ravines of the upcoming 2D puzzle/platformer with this brand new trailer from Atlus.

Trine 2's three-player co-op is scheduled to come out on all three HD platforms later this year. I was a big fan of the first game, and I've got high hopes for this follow-up.

  • I played only the demo of the original, and it seemed fun.  This one looks better.  It also seems like they are taking their time with development, which is a good thing.

  • I bought the first one on steam and have yet to play it.  I would like to get some time with it I just too many other things going on right now...

  • Finally, no more gray dungeons! I loved the first even though the controls were less than perfect. This one looks beautiful!

  • Looks pretty good, music was nice.

  • This looks even more visually awesome than the first one, and I wonder if the wizard finally learned fire ball?

  • Looks pretty.

  • Seriously one of the best 2D platformers ever. Cannot wait for the second installment!

  • Got the first through the Humble Bundle. Never heard of it til then and the graphics blew me away. Looking forward to more!

  • Lovely trailer i like the light and shadows effects and the fauna and ambient of the game. this game worth it the buy.

  • Beautiful

  • I'm real excited for this. The first was a lot of fun. Real happy to see 2D puzzle games or old school games coming back.

  • Looks like a great fantasy environment... I'd say this looks amazing, but some bits were a little TOO saturated with color. Maybe pull back just a slight bit. Otherwise, great! Can't wait to see some game play footage.

  • can't wait for this one!  totally recommended!!  Awesome game, awesome music, awesome grafics.

  • lol that guy said 'maybe a rent' lol.

    looks great, as was the first.

  • I don't understand...those are awesome 3d environments, but the game is a 2D platformer. How are these going to mesh? I suppose that the stuff we saw could be a background to the platforming or something?

  • Well, time to go back and finish Trine.