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  • Blog Post: Pt Run Review: Trophy Farming in Lush Environment

    I was terribly disappointed by the Pt Trophy list for this otherwise beautifully crafted game. Unlike the first one, there is no need to complete the game even once to nab the Pt. Worse, there's only 12 trophies to work for this time around, most of them obtainable at a minute average time. Eleven... More
  • Blog Post: Crack for your eyes.

    Right when I saw that everything had a bright colorful hue I was in love. Everything looks like its ripped right from a children's fairy tale or early Disney movie. The only bad thing is that when you play co-op only the Host can spread XP points, and keep those points for single player. Other than... More
  • Blog Post: Trine 2, finally.

    This is the game I was waiting for. This game just made my winter break a whole lot better! The arrow combat is still fun like from the first, the simple sword combat was improved, it has even better graphics, yet it still has that classic feel that reminds me it's Trine. I hope I get to try the... More
  • Blog Post: Trine 2

    To keep it short and sweet, buy this game. If you played the first game, this game is a must-have. The visuals are breath-taking and the story is great. The game plays like a puppet controlled by a god, and the humor is funny. For those that are unsure about whether or not to buy this game, I offer a... More
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