I was terribly disappointed by the Pt Trophy list for this otherwise beautifully crafted game. Unlike the first one, there is no need to complete the game even once to nab the Pt. Worse, there's only 12 trophies to work for this time around, most of them obtainable at a minute average time.

Eleven trophies are golden, one silver. Aside from one (Solo run in one chapter), all trophies are considered bronze efforts in most other games. Plus, there is absolutely no need to be concerned over collecting all the magic points in any of the chapters. Just collect enough to best suit certain trophies requiring upgrades.

My overall run lasted around 5 hours, including the time needed to collect enough skill points. It's not a record (Cars-O-Rama gets that honour), but certainly fits a rather short run.

Really, I would expect much more in a sequel of a game with a trophy named "Better than the Developers." That's where you have to complete the final chapter without dying, on Hard difficulty.