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Trials Fusion

Ubisoft And Redlynx Date Trials Fusion

Ubisoft and Redlynx are getting ready to release the followup to Trials Evolution, bringing the stunt riding (and related painful looking crashes) to last-gen and new-generation systems. The editor mode and physics-based gameplay return alongside a new track system.

The latest Trials title will be available on April 16 in digital format for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC for $19.99. A physical version including the season pass will be available for new-generation consoles for $39.99. For more on the series, check out our review of the second title in the series, Trials Evolution.

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  • Very excited for this, trials has consistently been excellent and theres no reason to expect a dip in quality now

  • Hope they don't add any micro transactions in the final build of the game.

  • Looks great, but I still need to finish Evolution.
  • A new Trials game? Yes!!

  • I bought the last 2 Trials games only to never finish them because of how frustrating they get. And yet, I'm still going to get this new one because I hate myself.
  • Hey, Mike. Is it really coming out for PS3? I read on a different site that it's not.
  • And spring keeps getting better for games. Can't wait.

  • Well, at least Ubisoft dated something rather than delaying it.

  • My self-esteem is about to get into a terrible motorcycle-related accident...

  • My favorite arcade game of all time. I cant count the number of hours I spent on the first one and second one. Getting platinum for every track was my goal. Almost reached it in both games expect for some pesky Extreme tracks.

    Can't freaking wait. Got rid of my 360, thank god its coming to the ps4! Day one purchase!

  • Is there still going to be multiplayer? I know it's not the best part of these games, but my friends and I get a huge kick out of it.

  • I'm surprised it's coming to playstation. I thought a Microsoft studio made the game.
  • I only played the first Trials game but, I think that I will definitely pick up this one.

  • I love this series!

  • This will be the first game i will get for both x1 and ps4. Can't wait to download the community's tracks. Now with the ps4 and x1 recording features, we can hope that the pros can make and promote their own tutorials for all the advance moves.