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  • Blog Post: Difficulties

    MAN, midnight is a good game and complete edition may be better but when you first start playing the game, its cool but its hard to play at first. You may really get agrrivated because you may loose especially during a pinkslip race! More
  • Blog Post: Get Involved!

    To my dear friends!!! The game is great. and on top of that, the levels are fantastic, and then even after that, You can create your own. I wont bother saying what you already know of the game, but as a Trumpeteer for Local Multiplayer, I must say BUY THIS GAME. its not Mario Kart, but the magic is almost... More
  • Blog Post: Trials Evolution is a Rewarding Frustration

    Between the cursing, the sporadic grunts, and the hunched-almost-to-a-fetal-position posture, you may not think I would be having a great time playing Trials Evolution. Or maybe instead of observing my appearance, you could instead watch me play and deduce that I love crashing in the same areas over... More
  • Blog Post: Trials Evolution: simple review

    Everything Trials hd was, and better. more bikes, more tracks and the ability to get new tracks from those not on your friends list. Not quite a s hard to learn but just as difficult to master. For the $15 price of admission you would be doing yourself a disservice not to get this game and try it. The... More
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