The concept itself is a good one, however, the overall delivery and final result felt a tad unpolished. 

Likes (in no particular order):

  • Being able to walk the battlefield in a near indestructible mech while bombarding swarms of enemies with endless supplies of ammunition and firepower.
  • The unique spin on tower defense in which players take on a much more interactive and reliant role of placing defensive/offensive towers in the most advantageous location. Unlike most tower defense games, in Trenched, the player is not fully reliant on the strength of its "towers", instead, you have the ability to be an unstoppable force yourself and decide whether or not you even need towers.
  • The wide assortment of unique weaponry and upgrades. Being able to personalize and acquire equipment that not everyone has is always a plus, however, I felt this system could have been expanded upon because by the end it seemed the majority of players had roughly the same setup.
  • The game had a decent length and felt as though there was enough challenge to encourage me to play longer.

Dislikes (in no particular order):

  • Having to manually collect resources, which wouldn't be so bad if you didn't have to worry about them disappearing a few seconds after being dropped.
  • The limited selection of mech chassis assortments and the fact that upgraded versions only, for the most part, featured improvements to health, as opposed to the type/amount of equipment/turrets could be carried. I felt as though I could never find just the right chassis to suit my needs, I always had to give up something. This might have been influenced by my underlying desire to have an easter egg chassis that could carry every type of turret and had the full six weapon slots.
  • The enemies felt rather limited in terms of variation and uninspired in those that were created. 
  • The boss fights, they felt like a joke for the most part. On my initial playthrough, I was prepared for a tactical boss fight but found him defeated in mere seconds. 
  • Overall map layout could have been improved upon, it felt like a taxing maneuver to make it from one end to the other with several of the larger chassis. Not only that i felt myself building turrets closer to me so that I didn't have to walk far away to collect resources, this ended up hurting me overall because it brought the fight much closer to what I was trying to protect.
  • The sniper tubes, eff them!

I think that will suffice for my first review. Overall, it was a good experience and worth the investment. The pro's outweighed the con's and in an attempt to distract me while I wait or the Fall 2011 game selection to be released it accomplished the job.