Double Fine is just awesome. While all their games may not have consistently good gameplay, the worlds and imagination more than make up for it. With Trenched, they've crafted another great, if flawed, game. The biggest flaw of Trenched is difficulty curve. At first, the game is mind-numbingly easy. Then, I guess Double Fine did a total about face because some of the later levels are really, really difficult. This forces you to grind (or continually fail), but I only really had to grind once or twice. The gameplay itself is awesome. Mech games and tower defense games are two of my favorite sub-genres, and they are married almost perfectly here. If I have one complaint about the tower defense aspect of the combat it would be that you aren't given enough time to place turrets. However, the upgrading of your trench is really quite addicting. There's always that new weapon you'll want, or that awesome paint job. My only regret is that I have not as of yet been able to try the 4-player co-op, but I imagine four times the trenches means four times the awesome. If you've ever played a Double Fine game before and liked it, I highly recommend Trenched.