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Tuning In A Launch Trailer

Supergiant Games wowed us with its first title, Bastion (our review), back in 2011. Its storytelling and action felt both familiar and fresh. To say that we’re expecting big things from the studio’s second effort, Transistor, might be an understatement.

In a new launch trailer, we’re given a new look at the antagonists hunting Red. The gameplay is set against “Old Friends,” from the game’s soundtrack (composed by Darren Korb). You’ll also likely recognize the voice of the narrator, Logan Cunningham, who played a big part in making Bastion so memorable.

Transistor is out on May 20 for PC and PS4. You can read more about why it was one of our favorite titles of PAX East here

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  • I saw this trailer, and I could not be more excited for this game. Only four days until I can play.

  • I think we are all in for another treat, from Supergiant Games.
  • I was late to the Bastion party, but I won't be this time! Already pre-ordered on my PS4. Hopefully I'll be able to beat it before I'm lost in Watch Dogs.

  • Already preordered and I cannot wait to play this.

    Bastion on PS4 please!

  • I will have to stick with the soundtrack since I don't have a ps4. So I can't wait for the soundtrack:)

  • So hyped, already pre ordered.

  • Lookin good!

  • Downloading at midnight on Monday.

    I've got Tues/Weds off work (happy coincidence) and plan on playing till my eyes bleed (figuratively).


  • That is a F**king awesome trailer. I can definitely see the distinctive style and feel from Bastion. I just hope the gameplay and story delivers as much as the artwork and style.