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Release Date Announced, New Screens Showing Off Environment

Supergiant Games’ follow up to the critically acclaimed Bastion has gotten a release date. Transistor is hitting PlayStation 4 and PC on May 20, according to a blog post by creative director Greg Kasavin.

Transistor can be purchased for $20 through the PlayStation Store, Steam, or directly through Supergiant Games’ website. There is currently no option to pre-order the game, but the studio is looking into it.

Supergiant Games debuted Transistor at last year’s PAX East. This year a near-final build of it running on PS4 is playable at booth 892.

The post also featured three new screenshots showing off Transistor's environment, which can be seen in the media gallery below.

[Source: Supergiant Games]

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  • I'm so very happy right now.
  • Bastion sounds familiar but I never played it. Hmmmmmm perhaps I should get on that.
  • I've been waiting for this game for a while. Glad, the wait will soon be over.

    Will be getting this for the PC.

  • So pumped!!!! I just won Bastion last week so this news makes me super horny!!!

  • Looks very interesting!

  • Might wake up at 6 to download the game on PC, so much hype for it.

  • I can't wait to play this. Not only will the music be off the charts totes, so will the story. That's something that only like, hardly any other games do.

  • Wow, saw this over at the PSBlog. I am so excited for this game to release. I thought it would be far into the summer so glad it's next month. This is a very good day!

  • Looking forward to this game, since Bastion was one of my favorite games and from what I have seen of this game, it should be just as epic (if not more) as Bastion was. Will be getting this on the PS4 and/or the PC when it arrives.
  • I'm so ready for this game!

  • I might try this out.

  • I thought the kid had a really stupid looking design in bastion so I'm excited to play a game that doesn't have a stupid looking main character

  • Love the art direction on this. Looking forward to getting this.

  • Waiting impatiently.

  • This will be the game for me that I will pick up also gotta luv the indie developers!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I'm rather curious, why isn't this coming to the Xbox One? I loved Bastion on the 360. Seems silly that they wouldn't reach out to that fanbase.

  • That was a rather sudden announcement. Im still pumped though

  • This is art

  • Whooooaaaaaa! I gotta play this.

  • Bastion got a ton of publicity from being featured in an Xbox live Summer of Arcade promotion. Now its not even coming to Xbox? Talk about a slap in the face. Luckily I have a PS4 so its no skin off my nose. It just seems odd they would neglect the Xbox fan base.

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