Oh, War for Cybertron. I had such high hopes for you. Everyone acted like Fall of Cybertron was pretty much the same game, so I figured you would have been a cheap alternative that would be just as good. How wrong I was...

If reviews and fan reactions are any indication, WfC is clearly of the same case as Star Wars: Battlefront. Rose tinted memories of a franchise seem to be pretty powerful at overwhelming any acknowledgment at how badly aged or made any game is. In the case of Cybertron, it has neither aged nor was made very well.

Yes, because a shortsword makes more sense as a weapon than a gun...

I hear people tell me every day about how generic and grey most shooters are these days. They'll site Gears of War or Halo as examples for how the genre has gone down a path it shouldn't have. They don't know the half of it. War for Cybertron is truly an example of how just how gray and empty and soulless and boring and repetitive the shooter market could become. There is not a single thing I can compliment this game for besides it's final Credits, which were actually more action packed than the rest of the game entirely.

The campaign is horribly written and makes no logical sense (and breaks actually a number of concepts I was led to believe were key to the franchise even making sense). The co-op mode Escalation is nothing but a boring reminder that the game has barely any variety in opponents and that there's actually no difference between it and the campaign because they both just depend upon you standing in an area lacking of note so you can shoot some robots who have a vaguely different color scheme than your own robots. And don't get me started on how odd it is that you can only play as female characters if you beat a campaign that doesn't even feature either of them -- kind of a mixed message, guys.

The competitive MP appears dead on PC at this point, so I can't really comment on that, but I'd imagine it to feel as generic and badly designed as the rest of the package.

Only fifty-five thousand more waves of th esame five idiots to go...

To say that this game feels like all the bad decisions of the modern era is selling it to short. High Moon (excuse the pun) has far higher standards than that. So they also dragged in a bunch of the things we intentionally left behind in the older shooters.

Seriously? Strafing while shooting at a stationary enemy who can fire one-shot killing rockets that move faster than me at full speed? Health packs that only spawn when -hey feel like it? Seemingly endless corridors against foes who are severely imbalanced? Weapons that are pretty much only differentiated by statistics like fire rate, damage output, and ammo consumption? A nearly broken melee system? Oh and perks for modern gen fans, how "nice" of you High Moon.

And it's not like the severely crippled shooting is worth slogging through for the art style. Even the brightest sunset on Cybertron looks like someone took a crap on it, then tossed some coal dust on it for good measure. For the life of me, I couldn't even guess what most of the environments would have been like if there -wasn't- a war going on. I know that the whole robots living in peace thing is something most people find boring but if you're making an entire planet at least give some indication that people did something other than shoot each other all day. Concept art showed places of habitation but where are those?

Okay, the next game designer who says "add a melee enemy" to a shooter gets his speaking priviliges revoked!

And the fact that every robot on Cybertron is as vulnerable as a danty flower means that they all die almost instanteously upon entering combat. Even those mentally retarded hamsters you call ally NPCs will get killed repeatedly, and the game has to awkwardly respawn them and hope you didn't just notice Megatron got crushed to a pulp for standing still like a moron.

The only reason I even rated it as high as 5.75 is because it technically gets the job done. The scale of the war tries to be impressive, although it never wowed me. It tries to be varied, featuring some very ham-fisted flight sequences that make the flight simulator within me cringe at how bad they are, and even a few "racing' sequences to legitimize that whole "transforming" mechanic that barely has a purpose other than to give you an alternative sprint function/weapon set.

I honestly think that, based on my time with the demo for Fall of Cybertron, that High Moon does have promise, but oh did they make so many bad mistakes with this game. The porting job was fine but the game itself is just horrible. I wanted to love you, WfC, but you just wasted my time.