I mainly picked this game up because I've always liked transformers since I was a kid, and I think this was an underdog of 2010. Still, overall, after playing it, I had a blast.

Graphics are good. Makes cybertron, and all autobots/decipitrons looks great. Score is good, and so is gameplay. There's 2 diiferent campaigns, and each are about 3-4 hours each. So it'll take you about 6-8 hours to do both campaigns. Finally, multiplayer. It is pretty fun going head to head or doing esclation, or even co-op with a buddy.

Overall, Tranformers WFC is a blast. If your a transformers fan, then this is for you. For everyone else, if you like action, then there's plenty in this title. So that's why I would give Transformers War for Cybertron a

9 out of 10