For a long time, there wasn't any really good transformers games with the exception on the 2004 PS2 game based on Armada. This is where they went right. They got high moon, went creative, and created this game. There is nothing wrong with aiming as it feels smooth. You have the very freedom to transform at anytime without the controls being screwy. The multiplayer is balanced where it takes skill to win, not reliance on Killstreaks.

There is a few problems however, that keep it from getting a perfect score. Sometimes you can glitch under the map, killing yourself. Escalation is difficult to reach level 15 unless you have a good team that cooperates well, and finally the ammo at times feel scarce.


However, you shouldn't let those few problems prevent you from buying this game. I only have 5 achievements left to go, and so far it's my most played Xbox game. Don't rent it, BUY it.