I've played through the whole campaign and played many hours in the mutliplayer.  Here's my assessment.  This isn't going to be a structured review, because I am taking a brief respite for the proverbial sore knuckles I get from a second time playing even the CAMPAIGN of this game.  The campaign.

What gives this game extra points is due to the fact of how little reason there is to step it up and make a classic.  I grew up watching the Transformers cartoon.  I was born in '79, so gauge your age with our time of appreciating the franchise.  I know the Gen Y kids don't have much to do with this franchise, and who can blame them?  I mean, with your Sponge Bob cartoons and Teletubbies,  I can see why Sesame Street would be relatively gruesome; scary, even.  My generation had Thundercats.  My generation had Dukes of Hazard growing up.  My generation had steel, sometimes rusty, lock-jaw inducing packages in our daily lives, which we used to carry lunch.  And I suppose my generation is in the minority for believing that there isn't anything wrong with that; that danger is a much better teacher than the little Howard Hughes' our soccer moms dictated for the kids who were born in the late '80s and throughout the '90s.

My generation had GI Joe, for pete's sake, and it was practically the second generation at that!  We got the cartoon and playable action figures.  ***, my generation invented the action figure!  We also were the last generation to have action figures, it turns out.  Though that isn't necessarily a bad thing, since now our "action figures" are playable via controller or mouse-and-keyboard.  No complaints there.  The original Mercenaries is a great example of why there aren't any action figures anymore, and anyone who's played it knows just what I mean.

So now we have this game: War for Cybertron.  Have any of you played the NES Transformers?  If so, good, because this saves a lot of explanation of how miserable this game could have been, even for this generation.  For those who hadn't played it, the Transformers game for NES wasn't even any good for NES.  It was an Atari 2600 game with NES graphics.  I mean, terrible.  Yet, there's this: War for Cybertron.  Just that it holds up to the cartoon series and makes a decent effort in holding with the current generation of processing power that this generation of video gaming provides gives this game a 5 out of 5.  Some might disagree, and would probably be right, but again, this is a rushed review.  I wanna go back to the game right now, so deal with it.

What puts this over the edge is that it is DEEP.  How the Modern Warfare games get such far-reaching praise through sales and reviews and this game collects dust on Game Stop shelves is bizarre to say the least.  And to be clear, this isn't Game Stop's fault at all.  Game Stop rocks (except I wish you gave a bit more for used current-generation games, but that's another topic altogether).  I don't feel I have to look up the ratings of the Modern Warfare/Black Ops games on here to see a higher rating, because Game Informer gave it a very appropriate 9.25.  Obviously I'll agree with that.  But the sounds, the struggle with ammo, the winding mission layouts, the true nature of all characters in the Hasbro Transformers franchise, not to mention the overwhelming cyber-mechanic environment you're playing through this entire, long game -- every detail of this game is a tribute to this whole Transformers deal.

In other words, it feels like how it's supposed to be.  And we who have grown up with the cartoon and toys know how it's supposed to be.  To those who don't, here's your game to know.  And now, we have a sequel, which I hope is every bit as awesome as this game.  If not, then no big deal; at least we have this one.

Bless you, High Moon.  Bless you.