for many years the transformers games have gotten terrable reviews it seamed as if there was no hope in there being a good game in transformers. but then high moon came along and made by far one of the best transformers game ever. so I am going to review it.



Transformers war for cybertron is split into two campains one for autobots and one for deceptacons, but im not going to go through both campagns so im just going to go through the basics. Allright so heres the story. Megatron somehow managed to get his hands on a powerful thing called DARK ENERGON and now hes wreaking havoc on cybertron with it and most recently he coropted cybertrons core and killed the original autobot leader Zeta prime. so now optimus must find zeta prime and rescue the core of cybertron. I must admit the story is pretty solid. but it coulduve bean better (4/5)





The Multiplayer is ok i mean with the ability to customize your transformer charicter and some abilitys you cant go wrong with that. but the progreson is preaty slow i mean once you get to level 10 for a class itll take forever to get to the max level. but at least the map is good. and the charicter abilitys are good like cloaking for the scouts, or the health drain for the scientist. its okay(3.5/5)


 Coop has two modes the coop campagn or the wave survival mode escalation. the coop campagn is basicly the campagn that allows you to have two more players. Escalation on the other hand is a wave survival mode just like zombie mode from call of duty, you and your friends vs a horde of enemies whos in its good (4/5)

Overall review

transformers war for cybertron is the best transformers game ever made with a good single player campagn and two coop modes, and multiplayer. its a preety good transformers game