This is the best transformers game ever made. I've played the movie tie-ins and all the other ones and they are not as good. It has some flaws but is a pretty good TPS that anybody interested in playing as mechs should check out.

 Gameplay: The gameplay is solid. Shoot the robot till it dies and then move on. It does a pretty good job at  keeping you interested. The single player campaign was ok. It mainly consists of getting from point A to point B and killing lots and lots of other transformers. I would of enjoyed some more variety, but what it does do in the campaign is very action packed. It would have been nice to have more/better bosses though. The multiplayer mode mainly consists of sneaking behind other players and mashing the melee attack button instead of actual shooting. It's a shame that the melee attack is so overpowered, beacause it would of been a blast otherwise. Being able to transform between mech and vehicle is a nice change on the typical shooter. Where I think this game shines is in Escalation. You and 3 other people fight consecutive waves of baddies and are rewarded with points whenever you kill one. Points are used to buy health, ammo, and weapons. Players can pool their points to open new rooms with better weapons,overshields, etc.

Story: The game takes place before the transformers left cybertron. You'll play as the Autobots and the Decepticons in the campaign. If you have any knoledge of the transformers universe, you'll already know what happens at the end.

Graphics: They're pretty good. They are not the best graphics in the world, but the charecter models are very nice. The dark, mechanichal look of the world can get old sometimes.

Replayability: Unless you're into collecting pointless icons and such you'll probably stop playing after you beat the campaign and do a couple rounds of multiplayer.

High moon studios did a pretty good job at making a good transformers game and i look forward to a sequel.