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Transformers Universe

Transformers Universe Is A MOBA In Disguise

Jagex might be calling Transformers Universe a “MOTA” (that’s multiplayer tactical action game), but it looks an awful lot like a MOBA. A new gameplay trailer gives us a look at Hasbro’s ever-popular robots in disguise duking it out.

The Runescape developer has shifted the title from a traditional MMO that put players in control of a single Autobot or Decepticon to something more akin to toy collection. Commanders will assemble teams of transformers to do battle with other players.

There is still an MMO undercurrent, but Jagex says the game isn’t an MMORPG or MOBA. It will feature both PvE and PvP gameplay. Transformers Universe is in beta now, and you can sign up for access on the official site.

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  • Not into MOBAs much.

  • Yeaaaaaah....idk yet?....

  • I hope that Jagex don't mess this up like they did with Runescape.

    But I'm excited to check this game out.

  • I liked the idea, except the MOBA change and the Prime skins. I'll stick with the Legends card game.

  • My interest in this game went from "OOH! JAGEX MAKING A TRANSFORMERS ACTION SHOOTER RPG" to "oh great, another one of these darn things, hopefully it turns out well regardless".
  • It's a MOBA. Kinda like Titanfall.
  • This is EXTREMELY disappointing. I was hoping for an MMORPG set in the Transformers universe where you create your own Autobot/Decepticon. Now it turns out just to be another dime a dozen tie in MOBA...

  • This looks quite interesting but one thing about this the maps would be a lot more unique if this took place on cybertron and in space.

  • MOBAs and VR are the popular thing right now. ...the next logical step is for them to pair up and create VR MOBA. I call it VRMOBA! Pronounced Bad-I-dee-uh.
  • Looks bad but an actual Transformers MOBA would be awesome.

  • This does not look so good right now but I think it does have to potential to turn into something quite good.

  • This has potential, and sure looks to be better than what they were working on before. I was very skeptical at first, but the more I see of it, the more I think it might be a success.

  • This looks really unique; it would be cool to battle with transformers

  • The problem with trying to make a new MOBA is that you have to compete with the giant that is DOTA. I love transformers, I hope this game makes it. -J
  • Oh...I don't know