To be honest, I knew this game was gonna be disappointing, but now I really want a refund. This game is a major cash-in for the 4th, dumb, Micheal Bay movie Age Of Extinction. Just pathetic. STORY: The Autobots and Decipticons are fighting for this, so called "Dark Spark". The High Moon Studios Transformers universe is mixed in with Micheal Bay's ugly version of the Transformers (A.K.A Bayformers), and it does not end well for any fans of the series. There's at least 14 chapters in the game. You'll play the characters in the Bayformers universe for at 6 chapters. And for High Moons Transformers universe, you'll be there for at least 8 chapters. Right at the Final Chapter of the game, You're the Micheal Bay version of Optimus Prime through the entire chapter until you're at the final boss fight: Lockdown. Let me just say that Lockdown is an abosolutely stupid, cliched, boring, pointless, and is the biggest one-dimensional villain I've ever faced. And the ending is just freaking anti-climactic! GRAPHICS: Honestly, Dark Spark looks EXTREMELY rushed, boring, and atrocious. Even games on the PS2 had better graphics. And Grimlock........... GOOD GOD WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO HIM?!?! DAMN YOU, MICHEAL BAY!! DAMN YOU. SOUNDTRACK: Nothing to look for here. Most of the tunes are reused from Fall of Cybetron. Voice acting isn't too shabby. Although Shockwave sounds like he can't choose his personality when he shouts. But you're going to HATE the way enemies in the Bayformers universe are going to say during fights: Lockdown's troops are REALLY annoying. It's like they yell "LETS SEE WHAT WE GOT!", "HE GOT AWAY!" WE'RE TAKING LOSES!". That say that over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, AND OVER! GAMEPLAY: It's almost like Fall Of Cybertrons recycled, but much, much worse. One thing I've noticed when I was boosting in vehicle form is that when I tried to fire while holding down the ZL button, nothing happened. You can't even shoot! The only time you'll be able to shoot in vehicle form is when you're just moving the left analog stick to move your character. This game may have more boast battles than FOC, but despite that, they're not even any good, rewarding moments or any satisfaction at all. Overall, this game is not worth your time. Edge Of Reality does a terrible job thinking they can get away with this quick cash grab. And just when the Transformers license was going to get some respect in the community after Fall Of Cybertron, Activision pulls an Arkham Origins with the Transformers license and now it's going to be hard to trust them considering the fact that all they focus on is Call Of Duty. Really, this has got to stop. Wake me up when there's an announcement of High Moons sequel to Fall Of Cybertron if there's a chance. To all Transformers fans, I strongly suggest you avoid this game at all costs.