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Transformers Prime

Transformers Mobilize Another Game

Activision's brawler based on the Transformers Prime animated series of the same name is out today, and if you haven't heard of it, you can check out this trailer before you decided to head to the store or not.

Not only is the game out today for the Wii, 3DS, and DS, but the Wii U version of the title will be out on launch day, November 18.

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  • Looks okay. The voice acting seemed weird to me. I'll look more into it though. I am a huge transformers fan (G1 especially).

  • Eh, I doubt it will be even nearly as good as War/Fall for/of Cybertron.

  • Might try it once I beat AC 3, FoC, and Adventure Time

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  • This looks really lousy compared to War and Fall of Cybertron.  I especially don't like the Tekken style combos in combat.  This looks like a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Transformers hybrid.  

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  • This trailer's been out for a while... I like some of Prime's episodes but I need a more convincing show of gameplay.

  • Absolutely not.  Looks bad and the transformation sequence is awful.  Not to mention that Optimus doesn't look unique in any way in his vehicular mode.

  • This game looks great.Im going to have to dust off the Wii and grab this game.Im a huge TF fan,and TF Prime is the best revamp of the brand since Beast Wars.I dont expect it to be better then Fall of Cybertron,but we will see
  • Huh. Okay, I guess.

  • Wow. 4 Nintendo consoles.