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Optimus And Megatron Face Off In Transformers Prime Trailer

Activision is publishing a new game set in the world of transforming machines. This latest trailer pits the heroic Optimus Prime against his bitter nemesis, Megatron. A ton of cameos from other Transformers are ready for super fans to geek out about.

Transformers Prime rolls out onto the 3DS, DS, and Wii at the end of the year.

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  • lets just hope it doesnt suck
  • Looks like im watching a game trailer from year 2000. Awesome graphics!

  • Since this is based off of a kids show, I have little hope that this would be good. Games based of kids shows and movies don't have quality to make them worth buying.
  • Love this cartoon! What a shame its not on any proper console. Me Sad :(

  • I enjoy the show,Crossing fingers this turns out good.

  • Which version was showing? Each version of that game will look different, geez... Anyways, the art-style of the original show lends itself well to the game, since none of that hardware is particularly up to the task of mega-realistic transformers like in the Michael Bay films.

  • it would prob look like the the show if it was on the PS3 or Xbox...but...well...theres the Wii.
  • That's cool. It actually looks really good; usually Activision outsourcing games to NowPro in Japan is a sign that they're shooting for budget quality. They're no High Moon, but at least they have some good Transformers games to look at for inspiration now. And the Transformers Prime 'toon is really good for source material as well; although I obviously prefer what High Moon created for War for/Fall of Cybertron. Here's hoping this plays well, because I'd like to get it for 3DS.

    Different developer, different Transformers brand, but let's keep the recent roll of quality going, NowPro!

  • I hope this turns out good.

  • I'd say I miss the Gamecube, but it looks like it would be pointless. It hasn't gone anywhere!

  • It lookslie ***!

  • I was wondering why the graphics were so bad, and then I saw the systems.

  • Weak. Looks like a lame PS2 game made for 11 year olds. EFFFF NINTENDO AND THEIR LAME SYSTEMS AND LAME CATALOGS!
  • Hopefully that was 3DS graphics...

  • Maybe 3DS graphics will be better and this game will be good.

  • Improve the graphics...
  • at first i was confused why the graphics looked so awful but then when i realized ti was for Wii and Nintendo DS I realized it's pretty on par with other offerings for that console
  • So sick of the same trailer on every video.

  • hmmm

  • 2001 called, they want their pixels back!

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