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This looks amazing

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  • I am a huge fan of Transformers War for Cybertron, and just don't think it got the attention that it deserved from the gaming community, and it definitely doesn't know. but I have majorly high hopes for this sequel, the only doubt that I have about it, is that I fear it may suffer the same fate as its predecessor, and be sidelined by the gaming community due to the reputation of other Transformers games (Revenge of the Fallen, i'm looking at you) and might be suffering under the delusion that Transformers are too childish to bother paying attention to (*cough* every hipster I know *cough*).  However this game does look amazing. this Transformers title looks easily capable of rising above its prequel,Transformers WFC (War For Cybertron, for those who don't know), improving drastically on its already impressive gameplay, and fixing, what i thought to be, its only major flaw in the campaign/story mode, the lack of variety in the story's gameplay. judging by everything  I've seen so far on this game, High Moon has brought brand new variations on the formula I thought I knew. I personally can't wait to tear it up as Grimlock, go on an onslaught as Bruticus, and kick some Decepticon tailpipe with a little explosive help from Metroplex as Optimus Prime. 

  • Agree. This game has the potential to become Game of the Year. Just 2 more weeks.

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