The Transformers brand has a diverse population of fans.   Many transformers enthusiasts got their first taste of the franchise from the 80's cartoon.  Many others can remember the first time they played with the brands unique action figures.  You’ll be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t heard of the new summer blockbusters released a few years ago.  High Moon Studios created a game that appeals to the hardcore and casual alike with its deep level variety, fresh multiplayer additions and an interesting story.  Regardless of your past experience with the transformers franchise, Fall of Cybertron will be sure to capture your attention.

Fall of Cybertron opens up after the Autobots have been defeated.  The remaining autobots have banded together and are attempting to retreat and leave the planet.  The Decepticons, however are unwilling to let the Autobots leave and wish to wipe out the rest of the remaining autobots.  The game’s simple plot line keeps the focus on the characters and their own storylines, which is a nice change of pace from the explosive set pieces of Call of Duty and Battlefield.  Throughout the single player campaign, the perspective shifts from different autobots and decepticons, which adds variety to the both the main plot thread and the level design.  Each character brings a distinct play style and gameplay translates seamlessly into each level.  Cliffjumper’s stealth streams naturally into Grimlock’s melee prowess.  This adds great variety to Fall of Cybertron’s story mode, as each level is different, whether it being a intense helicopter shootout with vortex, or a horde-like brawl playing as the tanky megatron.  The level variety is one of the strongest points in the game, but the gameplay’s depth and challenge rarely reach the point that another character would reach in another full length action game.  

From a technical perspective, Fall of Cybertron succeeds as well.  The characters from Transformers are positioned closer to the screen, which showcases the complex animations of the characters animations.  Each individual battlefield is graphically stunning, and each have separate components that make each one memorable.  Battles are frantic, filled with flying bullets and explosions reminiscent of a Michael Bay movie.  

Along with the single player campaign, Fall of Cybertron offers cooperative and competitive multiplayer.  The fan-favorite escalation mode returns again to Transformers, and offers improved AI, new weapons and maps.  Escalation is a cool wave-based co-op experience, but it doesn’t hold up compared to the likes of Gears of War’s Horde mode.  The main draw of the competitive multiplayer is the ability to create and customize your own Transformer and send him into combat.  Fall of Cybertron lends the player and plethora of customization parts, and I found myself spending a decent chunk of time using these to make my transformer to my liking.  The competitive multiplayer feature four standard classes, the Infiltrator, a speedy stealth class, the destroyer, a versatile and balanced character, the titan, who is a straight up tank, and the scientist, who functions as a medic class.  While playing as each of these classes, I could not ignore the elements borrowed from popular class based shooters like Team Fortress 2.  Regardless, the multiplayer experience in Fall of Cybertron is a fun, (if hectic) experience, though I doubt that it gain the popularity of other shooters like Call of Duty or Battlefield.  

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron is the game I have been waiting for ever since I laid my eyes on the action figures many christmas’ ago.  Fall of Cybertron is a third person shooter you are bound to love, regardless of whether you love the franchise or not.