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Now light our darkest hour...

      I grew up watching G1 Transformers(the 1986 movie is one of my favorites of all time) and lets just say things weren't the same after that. Growing up a gamer, I always wanted a game that was a composite representation of my affinity for Transformers. I, and all of those that love Transformers would be denied...until 2010 with War For Cybertron, the first step in the right direction. Now we have Fall of Cybertron. Let it be known that this is a complete package of single player and multiplayer. You will be enthralled with both equally, for different reasons. While I do miss the campaign co-op, thank the Matrix that escalation is still here. The campaign is a great chance to see a variety of Transformers. Each one plays different. The mulitplayer is just as fun as the CODs, BF3s, Halos, etc with the ability to transform. Overall, High Moon did a superlative job. They truly catered to us G1 junkies with much aplomb. For Transformers fans, its a must have! For everyone else, you owe it to yourself to take a tour of Cybertron. Michael Bay had nothing to do with this...


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