I took a chance on WFC. It was real fun, but it could've been better. Well, I'm here to say the 2nd entry doesn't dissapoint. In fact it freakin awesome, and way better then WFC.

Graphics are great. Improved majorly from the first one, and just look great. Score is pretty good, and voice acting is well done as well. Story is great. More intense, and more desperate for survival makes it great to play through.

Gameplay is real fun. It's one whole campaign now and not 2 seperate like last time. Still, it goes to around 6-8 hours. That's not all. Esclation is back and still fun. I must say multiplayer is quite improved. Really fun to play.

Overall, High moons has done a great job at making this a really great game. Blows the predecessor out of the water. For sure anyone who like transformers, and great action. That's why I would give Transformers: Fall of Cybertron a

9.25 out of 10