When i played Transformers War for Cybertron i was left wanting more of everything that game had to offer. I wanted better controls, a better story, and much more gameplay variety. All of the issues i could've had with the War for Cybertron were fixed and improved in Fall of Cybertron making it one of best gaming experiences of the year.

One of the greatest changes in gameplay comes with the ability to switch your firing hand. In the first game you could only fire with your right hand and that was really frustrating because you could only shoot from the right side of the screen. That little issue was fix, you use the Circle button or B button to switch camera sides depending on your console of choice. There is also a lot of gameplay variety in different missions. Sure, its the same shooting mechanics but each transformer has it's own unique ability that make the gameplay a lot more fun. Cliffjumper has the ability to cloak and change up the gameplay making it stealthy and without spoiling to much i wan't to say that Megatron has the ability to float for a few seconds and then smash into the ground, you also get to play as the Dinobot Grimlock and the combination of the five destructicons, bruticus.. Gameplay wise its awesome, just some minor levels where the difficulty is though because of some shotgun wielding enemies but it doesn't ruin the overall experience.

The story is really well crafted and throughout the levels you can search and find some easter eggs that relate to other transformer media.

The action is really great and it reminds me of a call of duty campaign but much longer.

Its a great game and one of my favorite this year.