War for Cybertron, which released in 2010, gave alot of fans what they wanted since 1984. For me it reinvigorated the Transformers fan in me that had long been dormant. While it definately was the best Trasformers game ever made it was held back in a couple areas; repetition, generic weapons, bland enviroment etc. High Moon took to heart all of these complaint's while adding some other things to create of the best shooters I,ve played in awhile. Although it plays primarily like a Call of Duty in both campaign and multiplayer, it differentiates itself in a couple big ways.1. Because of the more sci-fi world can create far more ridiqulous set piece moments than its first person counter part.2. This time around the weapons fit better into the fiction and many avoid the shotgun/assault rifle/sniper archetypes(though those weapons are in this game). Finally the story is much more coherent, recounting the last six earth days before the Autobots exodous into outer space. Throw in tons of classic G1 characters that get there fare share of face time and a multiplayer component with plenty of longevity and you've got one of the best games this year. I can also agree with the developer that this game has the potential to create new fans of the robots in disguise.