First off I think this is a great game and is a continuation of a great series. The gameplay mechanics are very easy to pick up and get started right away. The campaign is intriguing, compelling, and very entertaining. I was very surprised to find that it had the depth that it did. It will probably take someone about twelve hours to complete campaign from start to finish. 

On to the good stuff, the multiplayer. I honestly didn't hold much hope for the multiplayer on this game. My first impression was thinking that a room full of robots transforming into vehicles fighting each other was a little much. Much to my disbelief, the online aspect is truly amazing. Whether you want to fight hordes of enemies through the Escalation mode, or just simply throw down with other players in multiplayer. The create a character is the true shining point of the online experience. It allows you to upgrade weapons, armor, and perks. I won't indulge to much information but it is a fun and exhilarating experience.