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The Good vs Bad when it comes down to Transformers: Fall of Cybertron.


Before I get to the part where I actually review the game, I’d like to mention that I’m a huge Transformers fan at heart and love just about anything having to do with them. So much in fact, that even Michael Bay’s Transformers movies are among my favorites! Well, except for Revenge of the Fallen because that was just… I don’t even know… Anyways, as soon as I heard about High Moon Studios making a sequel to War for Cybertron, I was beyond excited. WFC wasn’t only among the best games in the Transformers franchise, but also one of the most successful games based off of an already existent storyline. Most games like this (especially those based off of films) fail terribly, but I’m hoping that Fall of Cybertron isn’t the last edition because it was great as well. Here’s my usual Good vs Bad review to explain why.

As for the good things about Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, the absence of co-op in the campaign actually managed to do a lot more good for the series than harm, especially when considering what they've done with it. Instead of being able to choose between 3 characters to play as in each chapter, you are automatically assigned one based on where you are in the story. There will even be times when you'll be playing as more than one character in a single chapter. This works out quite smoothly and without any loading screens due to the fact that you often switch characters during interactive cinematic moments.

While on the topic of the campaign, there was never a moment when I got bored while playing. It not only kept a relatively fast pace, but also kept things interesting from start to finish by adding variety to the gameplay. The characters you play as are all different in their own ways due to different abilities, objectives, and combat styles while there’s also a wider variety of environments to explore and enemies to defeat than before. It’s also full of epic moments that can make even those who aren't Transformers fans express some emotions.

The addition of the store is actually a big help while playing through the campaign, especially when you find yourself getting stuck. They are located at just about every checkpoint in the game (which trust me, there’s more than enough of) and use the currency gained from defeating enemies. You can upgrade your weapons, buy new weapons based on blueprints found, or even simply switch your equipment around with each visit at no cost. There’s also the ability to rate each weapon and accessory in order to help the Fall of Cybertron community find out what's the best (and worst) thing to use, which I personally think more games should invest in doing.

The multilayer hasn’t really changed much besides the fact that there is a much deeper character customization than there was in War for Cybertron. There are many different pieces for each of the 4 multiplayer classes that can be unlocked by using the points earned from the matches you play. Escalation has returned as well, but hasn’t made any noticeable changes.

As for the bad things about Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, the only things that I didn't really like about the game besides a few hiccups aren't even that big of a deal. I think an Escalation map where I'd be able to play as Grimlock’s squad and fight waves of enemies as a Dinobot is missing and would be awesome! Then there's the fact that Conquest (though my favorite multiplayer mode for getting experience) is still pretty annoying. I've got to turn the voices off every time I play before I risk Optimus or Megatron teaching me the first 3 letters of the alphabet in an extremely aggressive and repetitive manner.

Overall, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron is definitely worth checking out whether you’re a Transformers fan or a person who’s just looking for a great game to play. This actually even ended up being my favorite game for the entire Summer of 2012! 9 out of 10

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(Review based on PS3 version.) 



  • This was a great. Gameplay/story great, graphics really good, and surprisingly good multiplayer.