Fall of Cybertron was not what I expected. It's almost like playing an entirely different game as many of the old rules have been changed. First of all, I love how you can now choose a hand to shoot from at will. No longer do you have to be forced out of cover just because your weapon is on the right of your hand! Escalation is now balanced and goes up only to 15 waves, but I still will always think that the original will always be for the hardcore. Everyone can now dash and sprint, along with you can now do a tactical roll to dodge fire.

The campaign does a good job of taking on the burden of story telling compared to the original. Remember when you played War for Cybertron and you saw the opening scene? Chapter I of the campaign practically now serves as that opening scene, as after you beat the first chapter everything rolls out like a movie title sequence. The teletraan 1 store gives me upgrades and access to weapons on the fly, though of course you won't have them all when you start. Rather, you find blueprints for weapons and abilites throughout the game before you can use them. On all upgrades if your online you can even rate them and it will contribute to the community's rating.

Of course, there is multiplayer. I love that they fixed the host issue from the first game, and now you don't even need an energon repair ray to hog one full weapon slot. Instead, scientists have them as an ability to use which is rechargeable. It's a good swap since you don't need to ration ammo to heal your teammates.

There is finally some complaints. Co-Op campaign was removed, and Optimus' signature Ion Blaster is missing. I'm not gonna complain about the lack of modes, since it's possible that it could be added as DLC.

So, the point is that Fall of Cybertron is a near perfect game, and if you can get over it's minor flaws, totally buy it, and only rent it if your not convinced.