Toy Soldiers is one of those special gems in a sea of mediocre Arcade titles. Being this a only xbox live title (soon to be PC as well) most PS3 fanboys are out of luck, While the original Toy Soldiers was a classic, the sequel is a nearly flawless work of art. I might sound like I'm exaggerating, but they literally removed all the issues that pledged the first game and replaced them with awesome updates and just general awesomeness .




Not much to be said for the story, it basically dramatizes the Cold War, from doing nothing, lame boardroom discussion knells, and political squabble to Just deranged, out of this world fun. Following a defend the fortress style gaming like it's predecessor, you build units survive waves and repeat. While it sounds repetitive. once the bombs stop dropping you won't be able to drop the controller...unless your arms are cut off. Overall, the campaign mode felt a little sparse,I hope the developers are planning to add bonus content, even if they chose not to, the replay value of this game is phenomenal.




The game also features a traditional military pallet of colors, however the toy models truly come to life in the fun environments that surround them, Playing Cards, Foosball Tables, Stacking Dolls, whatever litter the area giving you that pint size feeling. Explosions are a little outdated looking, but this is expected in a cheaper game. Commandos are very Rambo-ish and the whole thing feels like a patriotic 80's trance. Tanks are awesome looking, Boss battles are engaging and your always engulfed in the action, something game developers are starting to miss.




Didn't you already hear that *** song at the beginning? Thats essentially the soundtrack. Cheap 80's metal riffs favor well with Booms and Ka-Blams! There isn't much voice acting outside of the Stallone Commando parody, which is great. Then again, does there need to be so much talking? Leave that nonsense in the REAL cold war. There is however, one tiny issue, the frame rate can get really choppy when it gets chaotic out there, but its just minor problem.




Newcomers and Veterans to defense style gaming will find their perfect niche in one of four difficulties. Tutorials work extremely well and hints are always a given. While some defense nuts might find this a bit easy, they won't be able to resist the overall charm of this game.




The xbox layout works extremely well, it's simple, easy flowing and the cameras work really well. However there will be the occasional glitch and controls may be temporary unresponsive, but this seldom happens.




Overall, this game is extremely fluid, engaging, silly and just fun. If you like killing reds I suggest you pick this up along with your Gadsden flag and celebrate America. If you just like killing things with overpowered machine guns, rockets and so forth, this is also an excellent buy. Strategy Gamers, Action Gamers, whoever, will certainly find a cranny somewhere in this game. And for a price tag of $14.00? Just get this instead of that lame $60.00 game you were planning to get. It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum people.