This game blows all other defense games i have ever played out of the park. Picture, if you will, war without the blood, gore, or cursing. Yet just, or even considerably more-so, than regular war games. You set up guns and flamthrowers and such, just like any other, and upgrade to the max, all of which are amazing.then, you can go to as far as to be the shooter! you can practice with all of the weapons, and have great fun. Also, you can go in tanks and planes to go out of your boundries and fight. As a tank, I personally destroyed practically everything! it was amazing. Campaign and the survival modes are fantastic, esting your patience and endurence. Multiplayer includes offense, as important as defense, and the fun keeps going. The one thing I thought was amuck in the game was repetion. Sure, their can be new bosses (also great fun and challenging!), new enemies, but eventually you can't seem to find new excitement. Though it is one of the best downloaded arcade games i have ever purchased, it was just shy of being perfect. For next time, More guns and upgrades, more diversity of mobile weapons, maybe new one(could you concieved a battle ship for your controlling?), and more enemies and bosses. I hope the next game includes all of this, and it will be on the top of my list to get when it comes out. I hope all who read this will consider buying it. it is worth it. Thank you for reading this.