I have always been a fan of tower defense games, and when toy soldiers first showed up i knew i had to have it. It starts by giving you something new with a real world setting in world war one. The game keeps you involved to the point where you forget your playing with toys, until you blow one into pieces with a mortor or cannon.

      The most exciting thing about TS is the ability to take control of any of the units you build, from machine gun turrets to long range cannons, they also throw in tanks and planes. TS offers a good amount of map veriety and a good challenge, for those who want more there is a campaign + mode which allows you to play as the german army.  For the completionist out there you can try for the general rank on all the levels and complete special objectives to collect all the items for your ration box.

    This game is alot of fun especially to anyone who had the old school army men and used to light them on fire which you can relive over and over without mom or dad yelling at you.