I a world challenged by war of meaningless propulsions...why not make something trivial and enjoyable out of one of the greatest wars know to man.


This game is perhaps one of the most enjoyable experiences of battle I have had. Sure, you have your Call of Duty's, and your Battlefields...but what's wrong with toys?


Toy Soldiers may not be the most entertaining thing known to man, but the simplicity of it all should be worthwhile enough to check it out! With above average controls, and a fun concept...Toy Soldiers provides users and players with enough enjoyment to participate in multiplayer battles with an air of enjoyment to war games. It;s not serious, it's not frantic, but it does require you to think ahead about your choices and upgrades. The controls certainly take some getting used to, but once your there, the entire experience can be enjoyable. Don't crucify the game the game for a lack of detail and or content! Enjoy it for what it is!