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Toxikk Brings Back Old-School FPS Multiplayer

A newly announced first-person shooter is looking to bring competitive multiplayer back to the glory days, and the first trailer is promising.

Despite the unfortunate name (which, to be fair, does fit with the '90s shooter theme), Toxikk looks like a refreshing throwback for Quake and Unreal Tournament fans. Sure, there are some modern conventions like skill-based rewards and damage indicators that show where enemy fire is coming from, but it's what's missing that sets the game apart from contemporary shooters; Toxikk doesn't have classes, leveling, regenerating health, iron-sight aiming, or reloading. The result is a gorgeous-looking game that should play like the classic online shooters of days past.

The developer also plans to support user-generated content by giving players an SDK to build maps, characters, and skins. You can learn more about the game and support its development at the official website; $15 will get you access to the closed beta and a copy of the full game when it's released.

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  • You might also like- Nexuiz Seriously though. Check it out maybe? * EDIT: Well I'm glad no one was really around to call me out on this *** because apparently nexuiz is dead thanks to THQ falling out. Bummer.
  • Finally. A shooter worth playing... Maybe

  • Interesting#PUSHERMAN

  • I prefer multiplayer shooters like this one. I'll give this a try. For $15, I wouldn't be upset if it ended up horrible.

  • Some of the stuff sounds cool, but I will never understand why anyone would want no iron sight aiming or reloading, that is like asking for a racing game without breaks.
  • 1999 was awesome, but not cause of FPS games with no iron sights, hated it then still hate it today, so thanx but no thanx, not my cup of tea.

  • - PC only - Full modding support - No iron-sights - No classes - No levelling I'm sold. These guys clearly get what's wrong with the FPS genre at the moment.
  • Interesting. On top of old NES throwbacks on the like, now we've got FPS throwbacks.

  • The only reason any gamer would like this throwback to past FPS games is because they are merely a simple minded child who is unwilling to accept progress within the gaming industry. Silly children.
  • I'm just kidding! I didn't really mean that. I feel bad for saying those things. Kind of.

  • This sounds better than most modern shooters.

  • ShootMania Storm.

  • I am interested

  • Anybody else get a big Halo vibe from that video?
  • No reloading? Is that really necessary?

  • Not really sure what this means. As far as I can see FPS mp games haven't really evolved past the 90's. I think one of the key problem isn't that they are doing things wrong, its that they are doing the same thing over and over again. Then again people keep buying the things over and over so hardly any push for them to change beyond a few increments. With games like Destiny, Titanfall and soon to be a UT game, I doubt this will keep the hype up for very long.
  • If there's going to be controller support, I'll pick this up. If not, then no. I'll pick it up because it looks cool but not because of the whole throwback nonsense.
  • I am Groot.
  • To me this looks like Halo. Wasn't Halo after 1999 and involved some of the things their taking out?
  • To me this looks like Halo. Wasn't Halo after 1999 and involved some of the things their taking out?

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