Towerfall Ascension was revealed for PlayStation 4 a few nights ago with a trailer. A slightly tweaked version of the same trailer confirms that the game is also coming to PC.

The new trailer appears on the YouTube channel of Towerfall creator Matt Thorson. The trailer below is the same as this one, which revealed the PlayStation 4 version of the game, but this one adds PC as a platform.

Thorson confirmed that he was working on a PC version of the game in July, but we weren't sure if the recently revealed PC version of the game would have the same additional content (50 new levels, new power-ups, and co-op missions) that were unveiled for the PS4 version.

Towerfall began its life without the Ascension subtitle as an exclusive for the Ouya. You can read our review of the game as well as our Test Chamber for Towerfall by following the links.

[Source: YouTube, via Rock Paper Shotgun]