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  • Blog Post: Creative Assembly's Campaign Designer Shows Off Factions And Their Traits

    Creative Assembly has released another Let’s Play episode for Total War: Rome II . This edition is hosted by the studio’s community coordinator Trish Ryniak and campaign designer Dom Star, who discuss factions, campaign mode, and diplomacy. After walking viewers through each of Rome II’s... More
  • Blog Post: An Early In-Depth Look At Gameplay From The Devs

    Total War: Rome II is set to release for PC on September 3. To give fans an early look at some gameplay, the developers at Creative Assembly are putting together a Let’s Play video series. Join Al Bickham and Joey Williams below in the first entry to the series, The Battle of the Nile. Rome: Total... More
  • Blog Post: If You Wish For Peace, Prepare For Total War

    In the year 9 A.D., the Romans were convinced they had the province of Germania under control. Many of the tribal chieftains had been defeated, and the commanding Roman, Publius Quinctilius Varus, had only three legions left at his disposal. Little to his knowledge, the son of a chieftain who had been... More
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