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Total War: Rome II

A Lesson In Battle: A Total War Rome II Walkthrough

Find out what it takes to survive an ambush from Germanic tribes in this video tutorial for Total War Rome II.

The walkthrough recreates The Battle of Teutoburg Forest, where a Roman army was ambushed by a mass of Germanic tribesmen.

Total War Rome II is scheduled to come out for PC later this year. For more on this pivotal battle and the game, take a look at Bertz's impressions from GDC.

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  • It'd be cool to see more games like these on PS4, I want to be able to play more PC games without having to build an expensive PC rig xP
  • I'm finishing up my second semester of Latin; I'll be able to read Tacitus's account of the battle soon. The only thing left is the supine.
  • I want this game so much........

  • I know this amounts to heresy, but is this game going to be available for Mac?
  • Yes! one of the reasons I got myself a high-end PC. Loved Rome TW, Shogun not so much....
  • Oh god, that tactical map.

    This looks fantastic!

  • Oh god, that tactical map.

    This looks fantastic!

  • Looks amazing! As only a PC can do! cant ait for a good new RTS,Civ V is the closest thing till then

    Note-I did not say Civ V was an RTS,cam down nerdragers

  • Tactical maps are always sweet to have, Supreme Commander showed that in particular. Besides: I definitly want this game - looks like a day-1-buy!

  • This game looks so beautiful! I think I've played every game in the series, and surely this will be an amazing addition.

  • Most likely getting this day 1. Now out of the eight playable factions in the game-Roman Republic, Carthage, Macedon, Iceni, Arverni, Suebi, Parthia, Egypt-,which one should I play first when this comes out? I am thinking either Rome or Egypt.
  • Yawn!
  • I'm totally looking forward to this.

  • Can't wait to try this game out.

  • Having taken a Roman History class last college quarter and taking a Greek one right now, this looks all the more bad-ass. Fairly accurate too.

  • So if the wardogs are returning form Rome 1, could we expect to see the Incediary Pigs as well? There was nothing more satisying than watching disicplined soldiers run like children from screaming, flaming, hell pigs.
  • Looks awesome.

  • Dude! these are the kind of games I would like to see more of in the next gen, hopefully PS4 can bring them that would be so tight.

  • The only TW game I own is Empire, and it's fantastic. I absolutely can't wait for this game. Might even pick up Shogun 2 while I'm at it.