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Total War: Rome II

A Roman Legion Betrayed

A traitorous Roman commander has led his legion into an ambush laid by his native people in the dark forests of ancient Germania.

This is just a taste of the historical Battle of Teutoburg Forest as presented in the powerful Total War: Rome II engine. Keep an eye out for the next issue of Game Informer for an in-depth look at some of the new tricks and tactics coming to Total War's next incarnation.

  • So excited for this game! Just bought a gaming PC so I can play the Total War series (among other games) in all its glory.
  • We are learning about Rome in school.
  • Awww yeah

  • F'n right, one my most wanted titles of the year!!!!!

  • Gonna buy a new desktop just for the Warhammer and Rome total war games, very excited.

  • He wasn't a traitor. He was an idiot appointed to Generalship without any military experience. You bet when I play this game, no Gauls will ambush me.
  • This game looks good. I still need to play the first one!
  • God i love TotalWar. I hope my pc can handle RomeII cant wait!

  • He said "Germania" with a soft G...I don't believe the Romans had soft anything.
  • Awesome trailer. I'm taking a Roman history class this quarter too, so it feels all the more relevant to my centurian filled brain right now.

  • just take my money now

  • Too bad my PC won't be able to run it :/ looks awesome though.

  • Excellente. Also, kill it with fire.

  • oh nice! another collection to the total war!

  • This game is gonna be amazing.

  • I am a big fan of the series, and this looks amazing. Take my money already.

  • What's with the square formations with the one guy in the middle. Are they like the officers or something?
  • I wasn't even aware this game was on it's way! Awesome! Interesting trailer, to say the least. Likely done with in-game assets, and in an RTS where character models aren't the main graphical focus... Hm...