(Also a partial review of Diablo 3) 
Ah, Torchlight 2. Many people have the argument of "Diablo 3, or Torchlight 2" and I must side with Torchlight 2. The game was created by some of the same guys who helped create Diablo 2, the best of the Diablo series. The problem with Diablo 3 is... it's a loot based RPG with a auction house, which uses both in-game gold, and real world cash to buy items. 

This may sound good on paper, but when it comes down to it the loot is what will keep you playing. You want the next best thing. But, with this auction house, you can simply buy the best items on the market with in game cash, or even worse, real world cash, taking away the challenge and excitement of finding your own good loot, and good loot is extremely scarce. Diablo 3's design choices in the stats and leveling department is also very strange for an RPG, because you cant even choose what skills you want to upgrade. In fact, the entire game is very linear, almost no side quests, very little randomization in dungeons, and the enemies simply get re-skinned. The game itself isn't even difficult, it simply uses gimmicks to make it hard by repeatedly killing you over and over because of terrible enemy and level design.

But Torchlight 2 is different. It has huge, open over worlds with many random dungeons, TONS of enemy types, and interesting quests. The loot is the main focus of course, but this time it is better balanced because you can find it yourself, and the developer doesn't have to worry about "jeez, this item is too OP for players because we want a PVP patch which is never gonna happen anyway so *** you", because it is a CO-OP game. Diablo 3 makes it so yeah, you can play with others but it doesn't make it easier or better (except "loot increases", which doesn't matter since the best loot is in the auction house). Torchlight 2 has that "charm" that I haven't seen in a RPG for some time now. It's fun, fast, challenging but not frustrating, and overall GOOD.

/rant over

Graphics = 9/10 A very stylized cartoon-like look. Dont let this fool you, the enemies love to explode into tons of gibblets when they die.

Sound = 9/10 No complaints. Enemy deaths are squishy, voice acting is good, and the soundtrack for the first section even sounds a bit like the Tristram theme from Diablo.

Replay = 9.5/10 A bunch of classes, different pet types, tons of loot (which you find yourself) and multiple difficulty levels.

Story = 8.5/10 The story obviously isn't the main focus, but its there, and its not bad. I just don't care about it so much when I'm busy blowing everyone up.

OVERALL = 9.5/10 Possibly my GOTY RPG for 2012?